Christine Dwane


Her Materials

chosen for all to flourish and thrive

As Christine’s business venture continues to grow and evolve, she is increasingly committed to sourcing sustainable raw materials to fashion her work. Christine offers a choice of recycled and reclaimed metals as well as a selection of responsibly mined precious metals, sourced diamonds, and coloured gemstones. 

For those who prefer to transform their own jewellery, Christine re-fashions or re-creates pieces to suit personal styles and needs.

Because she is passionate about doing her best to protect the environment and support developing communities Christine uses

100% reprocessed metal:

100% recycled or repurposed metal avoids the use of newly mined metals that cause environmental damage and, particularly in developing countries, may be associated with the abuse of human rights. 

Fairmined gold and silver (coming soon january 2024):

A strong way to support and contribute to developing communities. 
Fairmined gold and silver are metals mined by developing communities in Peru.

These mining communities are educated and certified by ARM (Artisanal Responsible Mining) on responsible mining practices. Miners make fair wages by having access to an international market to sell their precious metals. The sale of metal gives them the opportunity to reinvest in their communities with projects like building schools and hospitals.

Repurposed diamonds:

Repurposed diamonds are reclaimed from once loved jewellery and repolished when needed to meet a perfect standard of quality. Using repurposed diamonds enables them to continue their eternal life of beauty and splendour. Choosing these gems is an easy option to help protect the environment and vulnerable communities.

Lab-grown diamonds:

Lab-grown diamonds help to protect the environment by completely avoiding the environmental damage that is intrinsic to mineral extraction. They are a more affordable and accessible choice of diamond that has the additional benefit of avoiding human rights abuses associated with natural diamond extraction. 

Responsibly sourced gems: 

These gems are part of an expanding ray of responsible choices.

Canadian diamonds, Montana sapphires, and Greenland rubies are among some of the responsibly sourced gems used by Christine. These gems have a transparent chain of supply to ensure that responsible mining practices are respected and to ensure that everyone involved in the chain of supply is assured a safe and secure work environment with fair compensation.

Keep an eye on new arrivals since Christine is always on the lookout to increase her selection of beautiful responsibly sourced gems!